What can I do to prevent a flood or water damage in my home?

January 12, 2021

Most of our water damage jobs in Melbourne are due to burst flexible water hoses (or flexi hoses). Over the years these have replaced copper pipes to connect water outlets in the wall to sinks, washing machines and dishwashers – and they have a limited lifespan.

Flexi hoses can burst due to age, incorrect installation, rust or kinking – so keep an eye on them.

If you move into a new home, it would be worth having a licenced plumber assess the flexi hoses and replace them if needed. We also recommend having your flexi hoses replaced by a licenced plumber at least every five years (though check the warranty period as they can vary).

Of course, the worst time for this to happen is when you’re away as you might come back to flooded carpet or buckled floorboards. It’s for this reason that I always turn my water off at the main whenever I go away – even for the weekend. Or if you need to leave the water on, see if there are isolation valves to your dishwasher, washing machine etc. Left untreated, water damage can ultimately damage the structure of your home or lead to other issues such as mould and mildew.

Another thing you can do to minimise risk of a flood in your home is to keep your gutters clear of debris. This will keep rainwater outside – where it should be. Even I failed on this one recently and ended up with water damage in my own home.

Sometimes, despite all our best efforts, water damage can just happen. If it does, Flood Response can help. Flood damaged carpet can usually be restored if it’s attended to quickly and by a professional water damage restoration team. You can read our blog on What to do if I have a flood in my home or office with some  more tips.

A final reminder to check the product disclosure statements of your insurance policies so you know what is covered.



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