What do I do if I have a flood or water damage in my home or office?

December 12, 2020

First of all – don’t panic! Sometimes these things can just happen.

First of all, it’s best to contact a professional, certified flood restoration company because we have specialised tools and equipment to do a detailed water damage assessment to find out where water has travelled and then treat it.

There are a few things you can do while you wait for the professional flood restoration company to arrive.

  • mop up any standing water with towels to reduce the spread – just be careful with coloured towels on light carpets as colour can transfer.
  • move loose contents items from the area where the water might have spread to
  • if you’re able or if you have help, move furniture off wet carpet – wooden furniture can cause staining to carpet when it is wet, and some furniture can swell up when it is sitting on wet carpet.
  • if you have floorboards, take a close look at them so you can monitor any change due to buckling or bowing. This is more common with floating floor boards.

If you live in an apartment building, get in touch with your building manager – no doubt they will have dealt with a similar situation in the past and will help you with next steps.

If you’re renting your home, get in touch with your property manager. If you’re an owner-occupier, get in touch with your insurance company.

All insurance policies are different so make sure you’re aware of the details of your insurance policy – outlined in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement or PDS.

Read our blog about how to reduce the risk of a flood in your home.

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