What drying equipment is needed to treat water damage?

October 12, 2020

After a water damage event, the priority is to extract as much water as possible – but this isn’t enough – drying equipment is then needed to promote air movement and dry out affected areas. This is important to prevent microbial growth, mildew and bacteria that thrive in dark, damp environments.

There are many kinds of equipment that can aid the drying process, but the most common machines are dehumidifiers and air movers or fans.

Water damage can affect any area of your home and some materials absorb water quickly into such as carpets, underlay and plasterboard. It’s hard to predict how long drying will take, but with the right drying equipment and air flow setup, these areas can also dry quickly. Some materials such as subfloors and wooden floors can take much longer to dry.

Air movers are used to lift moisture off the surface and move it away so that it can be extracted from the air. Dehumidifiers are installed to extract and collect condensed water vapour from the air as well as circulate cool dry air, reducing humidity levels. This also helps to prevent swelling and warping of floors, plaster and furniture.

Combined, these machines speed up the evaporation of water and dry out affected areas. Doing this quickly is important to prevent secondary damage such as mould and mildew.

Depending on the water damage event, ducting can be used with both dehumidifiers and air movers to maximise air flow and target the drying process.

It’s important to engage a qualified restoration company such as Flood Response to assess the extent of water damage because you can’t always see or feel where moisture levels are elevated. Flood Response technicians use professional moisture detection equipment including thermal imaging cameras, moisture sensors and moisture testing probes to map exactly where water has travelled – and water loves to travel!

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