Top Five Reasons Carpet Gets Damaged

April 13, 2021

There are all sorts of reasons why carpets deteriorate or become damaged. Some of it is due to their normal lifespan, some of it is a result of natural or unavoidable circumstances, and still others are due to negligence or improper cleaning.

Let’s look at the five biggest reasons why carpets become damaged, and what to do if you find yourself and your home in one of these situations.

  1. Normal Wear and Tear

Carpet doesn’t last forever. As years go by, it will get worn down from people walking on it, furniture sitting on it, and dust and mites passing through it.

You will start to notice, perhaps after only a few months, that the areas that get the most traffic (around doors or through walkways) look older and more run down than the rest of it. That’s the result of normal wear and tear.

To slow this process, the best thing you can do is regular maintenance. Vacuum carpets at least once a week and have them professionally cleaned annually.

  1. Stains

Normal wear and tear on carpets happens slowly over time. On the other hand, while stains and small burns are also the result of human use, they typically happen because of a single event. Whether it’s a toddler who drops a glass of juice (or a party guest with wine!) or a new puppy who isn’t quite housebroken, stains present an instant eyesore and immediately age the look and feel of carpets.

It is very important to treat stains as soon as they occur. Consult a reliable DIY website for a good remedy for the type of spill with which you’re dealing.

  1. Minor Water Damage and Flooded Carpets

Prolonged exposure to wetness is another major cause of carpet damage. Flooded carpets from burst or leaking pipes, a broken window, or a crack in the ceiling are not only problems in themselves but can destroy your carpet.

It is not only crucial to fix the broken item itself, but also deal with the collateral damage, including proper carpet drying. If not, mould could grow underneath your floors and do an incredible amount of damage in the long run. To make sure this process is handled properly, it is definitely wise to hire professionals.

  1. Major Water Flood Damage

Typically, major water flood damage is from natural disasters such as hurricanes, tidal waves, flash floods, or other events where your entire home or portions of your home are covered in water. It can also result from severely burst pipes.

In these events, flooded carpets and everything underneath them are completely saturated. Often, they will need to be replaced, but carpet drying is not completely out of the question.

You absolutely need to hire professionals to help with this kind of event. Not only can they ensure that your home is properly repaired, but they can also help walk you through complicated negotiations with insurance companies.

  1. Bulging and Tufting

Bulging and tufting is certainly less stressful than flooding, but is nonetheless a reason why carpets become damaged. Tufting is a normal part of the aging process for carpets, when strands of the fibres become loose and stick out or begin to fall out. Be sure to cut these fibres; pulling on them can loosen other strands or damage the weaving pattern.

Bulging is when your carpet begins to pull away from the walls and floor. It looks lumpy and may cause you to trip and fall. The best remedy in this case is to hire a carpet cleaning and repair company to come and stretch the carpet tight again. It is far less expensive than replacing the carpet!

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